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What's the process to have my work copyedited or translated?

In an email (, briefly explain the nature of your project, any specific concerns or questions you have about your text, and your time frame. I'll respond with an estimate and statement of work, and if you accept the terms, I'll begin working on your document. In most cases I work with Word and will return the edited document to you via email.

How do I know which level of copyediting I need?

Some clients have a very specific concern, such as punctuation or usage, and ask that I focus on that issue, while others prefer that I review content, organization, and language. If you're not sure, I'll do a thorough edit of of all areas and make the appropriate suggestions for revision. It's always up to you to accept or reject the proposed changes.

How much does copyediting cost? What about translation?

Rates vary based on several factors, including the type, length, and condition of the document as well as the service requested or required (light copyediting versus substantive copyediting, for example). Rates are consistent with industry standards such as those posted by the Editorial Freelancers Association (

Translation rates are determined according to the type, length, and linguistic and subject-matter complexity of the text. In the case of both copyediting and translation, I'll provide you with a project estimate before I begin engaging with your text.


Do you require a deposit before work begins?

Yes. Depending on the scope of the project, I require a deposit of 25%.

Larger projects may require more substantial deposits.

Is there a minimum charge for a small project?

Yes, there is a minimum $25.00 fee for all projects.


Do you charge a kill fee? 

I don't charge a kill fee at this time. 


What types of payment do you accept?

I accept personal or company checks, money orders, wire transfers, PayPal, and Venmo.

What's the usual turn-around time?

The turn-around time depends on the length and type of document and on my current availability. Whenever possible, I will try to accommodate your needs. Please be aware that rush orders, when possible, include a rush fee.


Do you edit or translate work for graduate students?

I welcome working with graduate students who are preparing an article for publication in an academic journal or a scholarly paper for a conference presentation. I am also happy to help with revisions of already-defended and approved dissertations for subsequent publication as a book  or articles. Because the expression of one's ideas is an integral component of the thesis- or dissertation-writing process, I offer editing and translating of these documents only with the written permission of the student's faculty advisor. 




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